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The Armed Forces Special Powers Act Essay - 700 Words

Introduction and Background of AFSPA The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is an act to give power to armed forces to deal effectively in â€Å"disturbed areas†. The region declare Disturbed area by home ministry and governor of the particular state on the certain basics 1. Terrorist acts aimed at overthrowing the government, striking terror in the people, or affecting the harmony of different sections of the people, 2. Activities which disrupt the sovereignty of India, or cause insult to the national flag, anthem or India’s Constitution. Any area which is declared disturbed under disturbed areas act enables armed forces to resort to the provisions of AFSPA. In disturbed areas any commissioned officer or another person of equivalent rank can use force for a variety of reasons while still being immune to the prosecution. The Armed Forces Special Power Act (Assam and Manipur) was passed on 11 September 1958 by the parliament of India to give special legal safety to the armed forces to doing continuous operations in the disturbed areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura (seven sisters). Later 6 October 1983 again the Armed Forces Special Powers ordinance passed by parliament for Punjab and Chandigarh. However, in 1990 the Armed Force Special Powers Act was enacted for Jammu and Kashmir. At present AFSPA is implemented inNagaland, Assam, Manipur (except the Imphal municipal area), Arunachal Pradesh (Tirap, Changlang and LongdingShow MoreRelatedArmed Forces Special Powers Act in India8058 Words   |  33 PagesARMED FORCES (SPECIAL POWERS) ACT, 1958 SOCIOLOGY COURSE CODE: SS1103 COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. ANJANA HAZARIKA GROUP: B * ATUL DIWAKAR * JOANNA BARRETTO * SIDDHARTH AGARWAL * SAUMYA PRAKASH ------------------------------------------------- INDEX 1. INTRODUCTION 2. STATEMENT OF OBJECTS AND REASONS FOR THE ACT 3. THE ARMED FORCES (SPECIAL POWERS) ACT, 1958Read MoreAbraham Lincoln And The Emancipation Proclamation1415 Words   |  6 Pagesan act of war to undermine the war effort in the south. When President Lincoln first proposed the Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet in the summer of 1862, many of the cabinet secretaries were apathetic, or thought the Proclamation was too radical. It was only Lincoln’s firm commitment to the necessity and justice of the Proclamation, which finally persuaded his cabinet members to support him. - Franklin Delano Rossevelt The New Deal Franklin Roosevelt vastly expanded the powers of theRead MoreGender Roles Of Women s Roles971 Words   |  4 PagesMale acceptance. Transforming Gender. Women’s Roles in Society. Why are men always in power? Or is that we just assume that they have power? In recent years, the roles of women have changed greatly in American society.   For example, women have earned more power in education, the workplace and especially the military (Cordes). Yet, when it comes to women being fully integrated in the military, many males still question female competency. This situation needs to be addressed because women are physicallyRead MoreEssay on Johnsons War: The Domino Effect1031 Words   |  5 Pagesand elsewhere. President Truman’s successors continued to make the vow that they would do whatever it took to stop the spread of communism and prevent the â€Å"domino effect.† President John F Kennedy increased the number of military advisors and Special Forces in South Viet nam but President Johnson made the decision to engage in full warfare in the region. Because Johnson decided to engage in full warfare, it is fair and truthful to dub the Vietnam conflict, â€Å"Johnson’s War.† After President JohnsonRead MoreThe Role Of Non State Armed Actors1205 Words   |  5 Pages Encounters with non-state armed actors form the backdrop of my research agenda. As a peacekeeper in Kosovo, I witnessed seemingly random acts of violence spark hate-filled reprisals. This behavior made visible the networks of grievances and feuds within villages and peoples’ minds. My soldiers and I understood little about our adversaries who hid among an acquiescent population and whose identities and loyalties seemed to continuously shift. We were almost powerless to stop this kind of violenceRead MoreThe Power Of Declare War : Does It Mean Anything Anymore?1736 Words   |  7 PagesThe Power to Declare War: Does it Mean Anything Anymore? Throughout the history of the United States, the President has bypassed the Congress and engaged in warring actions. All cited Emergency Action as the qualifying reason. Some, after the fact asked congress for a declaration of war, others have not. Regardless, the Chief Executives seemed to have found that a formal declaration is not required whenever it would benefit them. War Powers Article I, Section 8, Clause 11Read MoreThe United States Army Is One Of The Oldest American Institutions1425 Words   |  6 Pages Americans volunteer their lives daily to fight for the freedom and the way of life that the citizens of the United States have right now. United States forces operate in domains know as air, land, maritime, space, and cyberspace. The United States dominates the land domain due to the Army being able to adapt and overcome opposing powers. The Humans are a major factor of land domain because they live upon the land and play a contributing role in most forms of land operations. Having the ArmyRead MoreThe Sierra Leones Civil War1658 Words   |  7 Pagesdiamond’s mines or deployed in illegal armed forces. At the very beginning, in 1991 the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) from Liberia moved to Sierra Leone to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government. In the meanwhile, the Sierra Leone Army tried its best to protect the huge amount of diamonds’ mines. Those mines, through the illicit commerce all over the world, fuelled the RUF and the NPFL (National Patriotic Front of Liberia) or later in the years the AFRC (Armed Forces Revolutionary Council), to supportRead MoreEssay about War Powers1582 Words   |  7 Pagesthe United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God. (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962). During the oath ceremony, members of the Armed forces as well as Department of Defense civilians pledge to uphold the Constitution, the President, and those officers who serve above them. Article I Section II of the ConstitutionRead MoreU.s. Constitution And The United States1307 Words   |  6 Pagescomplete understanding of it. The Governor of Nevada has almost the same amount of power as the President does. But the Governor acts like the president for one state only, while the president takes care of the entire country. Governors do carry a lot of responsibilities as well though, as they can carry more power since they are only taking care of one state. Being able to appoint the judges, and secretaries is a big power for them to have. It is allowed for them to choose whom they want that is running

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Online E-Business Plan - 3643 Words

Running head: ABC Corporation Online e-Business Growth Plan Online e-Business Growth Plan for ABC Corporation Valerian Coutinho Western Governors University Abstract ABC Corporation needs a new strategy to expand market penetration and grow annual revenues. This document details some of the strategies which can be utilized to build upon the current business model. The new e-business model will help the company build on the product differentiation strategy and also enable the company to create value added dependency for the current and new customers. The e-business model can also be used to improve the company’s product branding across the globe and can be used as a stepping stone into moving aggressively into new emerging markets†¦show more content†¦In the Wheel-End market, the competitors are KIC and Webb Wheel. ABC also has independent distributors who would provide additional sales channel to the end users. None of the manufacturing competitors have utilized the web to provide value added services to customers. Their website is setup to provide basic product information to customers in Portable Document Format (PDF) but there is no feedback or collaborative tools to help the customer have a long lasting and memorable experience. Here are some of the current website examples of ABC direct competitors. Most of the competitors have a similar web theme shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3. They do not look at the internet as a medium to increase customer demand or improve the product image and branding. Figure 2: KIC Website Figure 3: Webb Wheel Website. There are independent online part distributors such as which have the capabilities of a modern e-commerce website such as shopping cart, customer service and search capabilities. However, most of them are for automotive and consumer trucks instead of commercial trucking. The commercial trucking components market is in the infant stages of E-Commerce and if ABC will build a good website, they can become the trend setter in the Commercial Vehicle market. The website can be shown at different truck trade shows which will help educate customers on the product lines but also onShow MoreRelatedE-Business Plan - Online Food Orders and Delivery Services2801 Words   |  12 PagesE-Business Plan Online Food Orders and Delivery Services MMU-MBA Group Project for BEL6084 Ââ€" Information Systems and E-Commerce Semester : May 2005 - Jul 2005 Student : OOI GHEE BENG TAN HENG LEE CHAN WENG JUN Student ID : 1051200001 1051200019 1051200028 Supervisor : Mr. T. Subramanian Contents Executive Summary 1 Management Team 2 Product Description 3 Marketing Plan 4 Operational Plan 6 Financial Plan 7 Risk Analysis 9 Future Projections 10 Executive Summary Read MoreE-Business Plan - Online Food Orders and Delivery Services2816 Words   |  12 PagesE-Business Plan Online Food Orders and Delivery Services MMU-MBA Group Project for BEL6084 Ââ€" Information Systems and E-Commerce Semester : May 2005 - Jul 2005 Student : OOI GHEE BENG TAN HENG LEE CHAN WENG JUN Student ID : 1051200001 1051200019 1051200028 Supervisor : Mr. T. Subramanian Contents Executive Summary 1 Management Team 2 Product Description 3 Marketing Plan 4 Operational Plan 6 Financial Plan 7 Risk Analysis 9 Future Projections 10 Read MoreThe Third Artefact For My Portfolio1475 Words   |  6 Pagestitled: Globe Driving Academy Business Plan. Its purpose was to identify a business structure from the strategic plan and multi-year strategic goals and to reflect the potential for growth. Students were expected to include financial plans and a balanced scorecard reflecting and measuring an organization’s success. This 43-page document covered everything from Business visions, motivation product services, marketing schemes, governance process, to the Financial Plan for a for-profit company whichRead MoreE-Marketing Plan for a Wine Company in Australia895 Words   |  4 PagesE-marketing plan for wine company in Australia The corporate objective The company sets out to become one of the most reputable and trustworthy wine sellers. Our objective is to become the preferred choice of customers seeking to purchase wine in a fast and convenient manner. In order to increase the satisfaction of our customers, we seek to make our wide range of products available in a multitude of manners, including online sales through our own website, though intermediaries, such as virtualRead MoreE Commerce : Buying And Selling Of Products1148 Words   |  5 Pagesdocuments. E-commerce is widely considered the buying and selling of products over the internet, but any transaction that is completed solely through electronic measures can be considered e-commerce. E-commerce is subdivided into three categories: business to business or B2B (Cisco), business to consumer or B2C (Amazon), and consumer to consumer or C2C (eBay). also called electronic commerce. The e-commerce business was booming for us as there was an increase in the online demand for our business nicheRead MoreE Business Model : The Marketing Model885 Words   |  4 Pages E-Business Model The e-business model is like a traditional business model, it describes how a company functions, how it sells products and services, how to capture new markets and technologies, and how to generate revenue. The basic difference between the two models is that an e-business is conducted over the internet and also known as electronic business. Like any other business, e-business activities also take place between the two parties mainly for the sale and purchase of products and servicesRead MoreE Commerce : Commercial Transactions Conducted Electronically On The Internet1161 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTION: E-commerce is known as commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. Introduce GOGAL to online business in order to individual customer and to support visitors to become customers and to encourage loyalty for repeat purchase in their customer to develop maintain the GOGAL brand and need to identify their target market through types of advertising and their placement use of e-mail, CRM, social media etc. in visitors/ customers communication. Ecommerce definitionRead MoreElectronic Commerce And E Commerce1452 Words   |  6 PagesE-commerce Definition Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, which involves the transfer of information across the Internet. It is often associated exclusively with online consumer shopping, but the term extends beyond that category. Additional businesses covered under the umbrella of e-commerce includes online auction sites, such as EBay, and businesses that exchange both goods and services.[3] History The history of e-commerce is oftenRead MoreDisadvantages Of E Commerce1457 Words   |  6 Pagesdevelopment technology, e-commerce, which has revolutionized nearly every industry in the world has become more and more popular and effect on a business and people (Bandyo-Padhyay, N. 2002). According to Bandyo-Padhyay. N (2002), it is a trendy expression that web based business performed in the right on time to the center of the 1990s and quickly turned into a typical term in the business and scholastic world. Internet business (Electronic trade) implies working business electronically which isRead MoreDigital Divide and Internet Usage1543 Words   |  7 Pagesbetween the educated and the uneducated, between economic classes, and, globally, between the more and less industrially developed nations. | |   2. | Question : | (TCO 1) What online research method(s) would you use to test the brand image of an existing product? Why? | |    | Student Answer: |    | Some online research methods that I would use to test the brand image of a product would be using focus groups, and the intercept interview method. The reason why I would us focus groups is that

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized - 1513 Words

Over the past decade the marijuana industry has grown traumatically. This notoriously famous illicit drug has grown to overcome its stereotypical label of a â€Å"gateway drug† and has become a medical breakthrough. Throughout the United States, states have become more acceptable to the use of marijuana by legalizing not only medically but for the first time in in the US, Colorado and the state of Washington legalized the recreational use of marijuana for in-state residents as well as out-of-state residents. State governments have placed an economical system and strict guidelines to ensure the proper handling of a new law. Although few states have legalized the drug American has not quite accepted it. There are numerous debates between experts and scientist referring to weed and it all comes down to one question. Is it bad for you? The United States should legalize marijuana everywhere, because it economically boosting when properly regulated, medical marijuana also has many personal health benefits, and lastly there have been many medical breakthroughs involving the use of cannabis. Over the years the United States was unsure of the profit kickback by legalizing cannabis because it has been illegal for recreation use. Experts began to estimate and assume that if America legalized Marijuana throughout all fifty states they could rake in nearly three billion dollars in tax revenue. (Ferner 2014) Just think about that, three billion dollars a year to just use the drug. That doesShow MoreRelatedShould Marijuana Be Legalized?849 Words   |  4 Pageswhether marijuana should be legalized. Around 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. In the state of Illinois, medicinal use of marijuana has been passed on April 17, 2013. Since January 2014, patients are able to obtain marijuana with a doctor s recommendation. The new debate is whether marijuana should be legalized for the general public as a recreational drug. Although some beli eve that marijuana is harmless, and that it has beneficial medicinal uses, marijuana shouldRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1715 Words   |  7 PagesMarijuana in Society Cannabis, formally known as marijuana is a drug obtained from the tops, stems and leaves of the hemp plant cannabis. The drug is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. Only substances like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are used more (â€Å"Marijuana† 1). In the U. S. where some use it to feel â€Å"high† or get an escape from reality. The drug is referred to in many ways; weed, grass, pot, and or reefer are some common names used to describe the drug (â€Å"Marijuana† 1). Like mostRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1489 Words   |  6 Pagescannabis plant or marijuana is intended for use of a psychoactive drug or medicine. It is used for recreational or medical uses. In some religions, marijuana is predominantly used for spiritual purposes. Cannabis is indigenous to central and south Asia. Cannabis has been scientifically proven that you can not die from smoking marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized to help people with medical benefits, econo mic benefits, and criminal benefits. In eight states, marijuana was legalized for recreationalRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1245 Words   |  5 PagesMarijuana is a highly debatable topic that is rapidly gaining attention in society today.   Legalizing marijuana can benefit the economy of this nation through the creation of jobs, increased tax revenue, and a decrease in taxpayer money spent on law enforcement.   Ã‚  Many people would outlaw alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, gambling, and tanning beds because of the harmful effects they have on members of a society, but this is the United States of America; the land of the free and we should give peopleRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1010 Words   |  5 PagesThe legalization of marijuana became a heated political subject in the last few years. Twenty-one states in America have legalized medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington are the only states where marijuana can be purchased recreationally. Marijuana is the high THC level part of the cannabis plant, which gives users the â€Å"high† feeling. There is ample evidence that supports the argument that marijuana is beneficial. The government should legalize marijuana recreationally for three main reasonsRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1350 Words   |  6 Pagespolitics in the past decade would have to be the legalization of marijuana. The sale and production of marijuana have been legalized for medicinal uses in over twenty states and has been legalized for recreational uses in seven states. Despite the ongoing support for marijuana, it has yet to be fully legalized in the federal level due to cultural bias against â€Å"pot† smoking and the focus over its negative effects. However, legalizing marijuana has been proven to decrease the rate of incrimination in AmericaRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1231 Words   |  5 Pagesshows the positive benefits of marijuana, it remains illegal under federal law. In recent years, numerous states have defied federal law and legalized marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use. Arizona has legalized marijuana for medical use, but it still remains illegal to use recreationally. This is absurd, as the evidence gathered over the last few decades strongly supports the notion that it is safer than alcohol, a widely available substance. Marijuana being listed as a Schedule I drugRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay1457 Words   |  6 PagesSHOULD MARIJUANA BE LEGALIZED? Marijuana is a drug that has sparked much controversy over the past decade as to whether or not it should be legalized. People once thought of marijuana as a bad, mind-altering drug which changes a person’s personality which can lead to crime and violence through selling and buying it. In the past, the majority of citizens believed that marijuana is a harmful drug that should be kept off the market and out of the hands of the public. However, a recent study conductedRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1596 Words   |  7 Pages But what needs to be known before a user can safely and completely make the decision if trying Marijuana is a good idea? Many do not want the drug to be legalized because they claim that Cannabis is a â€Å"gateway drug†, meaning it will cause people to try harder drugs once their body builds up a resistance to Marijuana, because a stronger drug will be needed to reach a high state. This argument is often falsely related to the medical si de of the debate over legalization. It is claimed that this wouldRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?985 Words   |  4 PagesLegalize Marijuana Despite what people believe about marijuana, it hasn’t once proved to be the cause of any real issue. It makes you wonder what the reason as to why there is a war on drugs. Why is marijuana the main concern? Since the time that alcohol and tobacco became legal, people wonder why marijuana isn’t legal yet. The fact that marijuana is illegal is mainly caused by the amount of money, jobs, and pride invested in the drug war. Once the government starts anything, they stick to it. At

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Programmed and Non Programmed Decision Making - 977 Words

1. Compare and contrast programmed and nonprogrammed decision-making in organizations and give two realistic business examples of each of these two types of decision-making. Programmed decision are decisions that have been made so many times in the past that managers have developed rules or guideline to be applied when certain situations are expected to occur. Programmed decision making is used when an inventory manager of mc Donalds decides to order beef patty stocks because the stocks are three-quarters empty. Programmed decisions making are a routine that you make every time so that the organization run smooth. Managers can develop rules and guidelines to regulate all routine organizational activities. Most decisions are related to†¦show more content†¦This will affect mc Donalds revenue and profit. If the error is caused by programmed decision making, the lost is not big compared to nonprogrammed decision making. Lets say that the big mac that mc Donalds cooked exceed the supposed number. That means extra big macs and they cant sell these big macs tomorrow morning. So there might be some lost there but the employees can still take it home after closing. Programmed decision making are always used in daily routine to keep the organization running smooth. That is why they have rules and guidelines to make a decision. Nonprogrammed decision making are not always used but it will give impact to an organizations effectiveness. This decision is made on reasonable judgment and the circumstances if we proceed with the decision. 2. There are two important techniques that managers can use to promote creativity in group decision-making situations As we discussed , we have decided to choose between three of these restaurants to open in a centrally located shopping center in Shah Alam. We have decided to open either a fast food franchise , an Italian fine dining restaurant or a family friendly restaurant that servers Kelantan cuisine. The pros for fast food franchise is kids love fast food. So these kids will drag their parents to our fast food restaurant for sure. But on the other hand the cons is , parents dont love fast food because it is unhealthy. For people that are onShow MoreRelatedHow an Effective Decision Making Process Could Have an Impact on an Organization’s Success1590 Words   |  7 PagesTopic: While Managers do not control many factors affecting the success of their decisions, they do have substantial control over the process they use to make decisions. Discuss how an effective decision making process could have an impact on an organization’s success. You need to evaluate the process and show how it relates to the success of an organization. Everyone goes through similar decision-making processes umpteen times every day, regardless of their position in the organizationRead MoreCase Analysis : Stef Sailor 947 Words   |  4 Pagescommunication skills. Depending on the job, certain skills are needed while others are not. Stef claims a manager at Subway should present more technical and communication skills for the job. Subway is a fast food restaurant, so employees are only making sandwiches and communicating with the customers for each order. There are only a few times a manager will face a problem, but when it occurs they are told to call Stef’s phone for assistance. Technical skills include understanding different formulasRead MoreCirque Du Soleil s Success809 Words   |  4 Pagesexcellent general decision-making models that has contributed to the huge success of the company. What exactly is knowledge management? â€Å"Knowledge management is defined as developing a system to improve the creation and sharing of knowledge critical for decision making† (Kreitner, 217). Tacit knowledge involves the creative minds of the production because â€Å"it is personal, intuitive, and undocumented information about how to skillfully perform tasks, solve problems, and make decisions† (Kreitner, 217)Read MoreEssay Problem Solving and Decision Making in Management893 Words   |  4 PagesProblem solving and decision-making are fundamental in all managerial activities. Although these defining characteristics of management can be used interchangeably, current literature makes a comprehensible delineation between the two. Problem solving can be defined as a mental process and is part of a larger process that begins with identifying the problem and ends by assessing the efficiency of the solution. Decision-making is also considered a mental process and i dentifies several alternativeRead Moreâ€Å"Apple Inc --- Failing and Succeeding† Essay965 Words   |  4 PagesChapter Seven (Making Decisions) Application Case: â€Å"Apple Inc --- Failing and Succeeding† 1) How would you classify each of Apple’s two decisions --- programmed or nonprogrammed? Explain your answer. The decision regarding Apple’s choice to not license their operating system and software to other computer companies was a non-programmed decision because the decision was made solely on the fact they were the first (pioneer) to introduce an operating system and thought that they were superiorRead MoreProgrammed Vs Non Programmed Decision1087 Words   |  5 PagesAnalysis Programmed VS Non-programmed Decision The legislative process represented a fair mix of programmed and non-programmed part. The process of draft formation was non-programmed, as any new issue had to be raised by one of the components of the union but the steps for the process couldn’t be generalized across the issues. There had been an attempt to bring a certain degree of certainty into the system by making the acceptance of council and parliamentary appeals binding on the commission. OpposedRead MoreWhy Mangers Should Understand The Nature Of Managerial Decision Making1839 Words   |  8 Pagesnature of managerial decision making. Programmed decision making has a new name its called workflow, which create high engagements from employee based workgroups. Programmed workflow is best practiced in computer based programs and platforms, especially in machine based manufacturing or applications such as 3-D printing. Verified or programmed decision making is decisive and predictable making it easier to measure quality. In the task environment, routine automated decision making is decisive due toRead MoreDecision Making Process2237 Words   |  9 PagesDECISION-MAKING PROCESS: Decision-making process is a six step process. The stages can be summarized as: (1) identifying and diagnosing the problem, (2) generating alternative solutions, (3) evaluating alternatives, (4) choosing the best alternative, (5) implementing the decisions, and (6) evaluating the results. Identifying and diagnosing the problem The first stage of decision-making is identifying and diagnosing a problem or opportunity. An opportunity is a special type of problem that requiredRead MoreSports Head Injuries Essay751 Words   |  4 Pagesissues for retired athletes. Looking at this dilemma that the NFL has had to deal with I will discuss it using the decision making model. The first step is defining the problem. In this case the NFL’s issue is how to prevent head injuries and punish those who purposely cause them to others. I feel the NFL uses a more programmed decisions then non-programmed. It uses programmed decisions when athletes have a concussion. The league requires athletes who receive head injuries to be monitored by a doctorRead MoreManagerial Decision Making Is Not Only Influenced By An Individual s Personality3026 Words   |  13 PagesThesis Statement: Managerial decision making is not only influenced by an individual’s personality but also by some social factors. What is decision making? Defining decision making is a hard task just as it would be to define knowledge: it is a process we use on a daily basis, but when it comes to find a way to describe how it works we encounter many obstacles. That is due to the fact that each one of us has his/her unique decision making process, which is continuously built in time. Several academic

Locke’s Human Understanding Free Essays

1.â€Å"The way shown how we come by any knowledge, sufficient to prove it not innate† – The natural faculties that humans have since birth are the ones they use to attain knowledge, but do not have impressions that are innate to them. The development of this knowledge and principle is not innate in character because they evolve over time. We will write a custom essay sample on Locke’s Human Understanding or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2.† General assent the great argument† – principles that accepted by men came from process of speculative arguments. Thus the end of this is the consent given by men towards the affirmation of a certain principle is not innate. 3. â€Å"Universal consent proves nothing innate† – given the fact that people have established the meaning of a consent, thus rendering the knowledge itself as not innate. 4.â€Å"What is, is;† and, â€Å"It is impossible for the same thing to be, and not to be,† not universally assented to.† – the argument used on the debate on universal consent to prove innate principle, is likewise the same as disproving the notion of innate principle. 5.â€Å"Not on the mind naturally, imprinted, because not known to children, idiots, etc† – there things that are not known or born naturally to children, thus those have to be introduced to them, making the knowledge not naturally endowed and innate to them. 6.â€Å"If reason discovered them, that would not prove them innate.† – though by claim of use of own personal reason, humans have discovered these reasoning by universal assent, rendering the principle or the knowledge as not naturally imprinted by the human mind. 7.â€Å"It is false that reason discovers them† – it is not possible to come up with innate knowledge, because through use of own reasons, these forms of reasoning are only deductions from established theories and knowledge, thus making it not anymore original. Reference 1690 AN ESSAY CONCERNING HUMAN UNDERSTANDING by John Locke. Retrieved October 24, 2007 from       How to cite Locke’s Human Understanding, Essay examples

Necessity Of Continuous Professional Development †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Necessity Of Continuous Professional Development. Answer: The article which is provided is based on the topic of the necessity of continuous professional development in the field of nursing profession to maintain nurses registration. The paper sets with the right kind of tone and has a proper introduction where the author mainly describes the concept of continuous professional development and also mentions about what the reader can expect in the entire paper. This is indeed helpful for the reader as it makes him or her know that what he or she is expecting in the coming paragraphs. Moreover each and every paragraph explained in the paper distinctively holds proper discussion of a particular point in detail. By this statement it is meant that each and every paragraph has a discussion on a specific point and that the author has not mixed up all the points together making it difficult for the Reader (Pool, Poell ten Cate, 2013). The Reader can easily jot down every points from each and every paragraph like that of a paragraph describing about the different benefits of the course, another paragraph describing about the feelings of both the modern and the traditional nurses about the course, another paragraph describing about the NMBA standards and so on. Moreover the author has rightly described the conclusion by mentioning all the points covered in the article paper thereby making the entire article paper interesting and easily understandable. The position statement is related to the topic completely as it mainly brought out the summarised idea from the discussion of the entire paper. The paper has supported continuous professional development as an important and significant course required for the nurses in completing their professional registration and he had rightly written the position statement providing a high degree of importance to the topic. At the same time in the position statement he has also mentioned about the difficulty of nurses for managing the time required for the course which cause issues in the professional field. Hence it can be stated that the position statement matches entirely with the main idea of the entire paper and hence the position statement is credible. The position statement has been backed up by the important standards of nursing profession of the NMBA which thereby makes the statement of the author more supportable. The NMBA codes of standard practices are published by the board so that they can cover as well as promote the safe practise of nurses so that the patient can get the best care from search professionals (Moon, 2013). After mentioning the importance of the course in the first paragraph the writer had correctly backed his statement with the standards that mainly show how the courses help the nurses in developing their knowledge and skill which in turn promotes better service delivery and ensures better care and high patient satisfaction. Therefore using the modern standards of nursing profession is an additional advantage in establishing his point. The references provided by the author are credible. This is said so because all the references are taken from journal articles which are published in some of the renowned journal of the nursing profession. Moreover, it is also seen that all the references are within the last 5 years and are credible enough to be used in the paper and the information contained in them can be applied to the recent year (McCormack et al. 2013). According to me, the author had not eliminated any important information. The information provided in the form of paragraphs usually show the positive evidences which support the credibility of the courses and also states how these courses may bring out positive impacts in the nurses profession as well as the pattern of the service delivery. In the later paragraphs, it usually discusses about the issue nurses face with the management of time required for the courses (Master, 2015). He also discusses about the beliefs of the senior nurses who mainly believes that critical thinking is much more important than such courses. He, in the discussion, is sticking to his main point of view about how the course may bring out the best result in patient outcome. Therefore I believe that this evidences that enough to support the position statement fully. I believe that critical thinking power which is used by the senior nurses to handle that patients carefully which is developed due to their experiences in the field for long years are not enough to provide the best care to the patient. Although they are being able to analyse the situation of the patients but they will never be able to apply the new modern techniques which are provided to the patient although they are being able to analyse the situation successfully. Each and every nurse should strategically plan out the timings so that they can get accommodated with the recent innovations in Medical Science as well as in technological innovations. Thereby, they can combine both the critical analysing power as well as the modern evidence-based practices to provide the best patient outcomes. References: Masters, K. (2015).Role development in professional nursing practice. Jones Bartlett Publishers. McCormack, B., Manley, K., Titchen, A. (Eds.). (2013).Practice development in nursing and healthcare. John Wiley Sons. Moon, J. A. (2013).Reflection in learning and professional development: Theory and practice. Routledge. Pool, I., Poell, R., ten Cate, O. (2013). Nurses and managers perceptions of continuing professional development for older and younger nurses: a focus group study.International journal of nursing studies,50(1), 34-43.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Consider the Iintroduction of Privacy Laws

Question: Discuss about the Consider the introduction of privacy laws at both the federal and provincial levels and the restrictions and controls this imposes on business. Does this place an unreasonable burden on business? Answer: Comment: Privacy is one of the important aspects to Canadians. With advancement of technology, business organizations focus to collect, store, transfer or disclose information about the customers more frequently as compared to previous years. To accumulate more personal information has certainly increased more risks to the organizations which are doing their business operations in Canada (DBIC, 2015). In the present scenario of social media, global networking, cloud computing or data flow, frequent security breaches related to data or identity theft is making headlines in countries like Canada. This indicates that public or policy concerns can be reduced by adopting appropriate privacy protection. Federal: In Canada, PIPEDA act (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) is used in private businesses that regulate to collect, disclose and use the personal information of the customers. The organization which works under federal business has limited access to personal information of the employee under the PIPEDA. The compliance of this law is more reasonable in circumstances where organizations collect, disclose or use personal information for particular purposes (Flaherty, 2014).This law is not applicable in case of provinces that legislates privacy according to federal government. In Canada, the organizations which are operate on international or interprovincial basis needs to regulate their business under both federal as well as provincial privacy legislation. Provincial: Quebec, Alberta and B.C. provinces in Canada have also enacted with privacy legislation according to PIPA act (Personal Information Protection Act) that focuses to protect personal information of the individuals in private sector. These laws are quite similar to PIPEDA act but some difference is still in this provincial legislation. This law is generally applicable in all private organizations regarding the collection, disclosure and use of individuals personal information and not with business operations only (Malcolmson et al, 2016).Quebec privacy act is also applicable in private sector for collection, disclosure and use of personal information. These laws, in a certain way, restrict the business operations of private organization in Canada and cannot use personal information of individual to enhance their commercial activities. References: DBIC (2015). Privacy law. Retrieved from: Flaherty, D. (2014). Protecting privacy in surveillance societies: The federal republic of Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, and the United States. USA: UNC Press Books. Malcolmson, P., Myers, R., Baier, G. and Bateman, T. (2016). The Canadian regime: An introduction to parliamentary government in Canada. Canada: University of Toronto Press.